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scaffdog speeds up the first steps of your creative activity.

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name: 'component'
root: '.'
output: '.'
name: 'Please enter a component name.'
# `{{ | pascal }}/index.ts`
export * from './{{ }}';
# `{{ | pascal }}/{{ | pascal }}.tsx`
export type Props = React.PropsWithChildren<{}>;
export const {{ | pascal }}: React.FC<Props> = ({ children }) => {
return (
$ scaffdog generate

? Please select a document. component
i Output destination directory: "."
? Please enter a component name. PrettyDog

🐶 Generated 2 files!

// PrettyDog/index.ts
export * from './PrettyDog';
// PrettyDog/PrettyDog.tsx
export type Props = React.PropsWithChildren<{}>;
export const PrettyDog: React.FC<Props> = ({ children }) => {
return (

Just one markdown file will generate multiple files.

Learn Template


Markdown driven

You can define a template with <h1> and code block. It will be a Documetable template ! Define meta information with extended syntax using Front Matter.

Ready to use

You can quickly start using $ scaffdog init
Other useful commands are provided for immediate scaffolding.

Intuitive template

It provides a simple yet powerful template engine inspired by ECMAScript and go text/template. Many built-in helper functions required to define templates are also provided.

Editor Integration

It provides useful integrations for using scaffdog, such as Prettier plugins and VS Code extensions for GUI operations.


An online playground is useful for experimenting with templates and checking syntax.
Enjoy the world of scaffdog!

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